13 Jul 2010

Kuih talam

Bottom (prepare this first): (ida guna loyang bulat 8 in)
150 gm rice flour
625 ml coconut milk
Salt to taste
Mix all ingredients, stir well and filter.
Simmer for a while on the stove to get thick batter (not to thick, just enough with little bit lumpy batter).
Transfer to the 9'' round pan, and cook in heated steamer for approximeately 20 minutes.
Prepare top part.
30 gm rice flour (2 sudu besar)
30 gm plain flour (2 sudu besar)
250 ml santan (1 cawan)
250 ml warm water ** (1 cawan)
65 gm palm sugar ** (lupa nak tgk ni berapa sudu :D) (ida guna gula kabung)
10 gm white sugar ** (1 sudu besar)
3 nos egg
salt to taste
Boil ingredients with ** (water, palm sugar & white sugar). Set aside.
Lightly beaten the eggs. (tak beat pun takper).
Mix 1 & 2 with other ingredients, stir well and filter.
Pour on the bottom part when it ready. Steam till it set. I steam it for nearly 1 hour.
Let it cool before serve/cut.

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